I’ve been waiting to post about my second Sunday Date which would have been titled Sunday Date 2 (so original). Although her and I had a wonderful day at the Palace and elsewhere, at dinner she said she only understood 30% of what I said and that she wanted to start speaking more and more in her language until we eventually spoke only Korean.

She also said she would contact me by Wednesday about our trip this weekend and she hadn’t, so I sent her a text Thursday:  “are you busy or you don’t want to talk to me? Please let me know.”

Hours later I got her response:  “yeah I don’t want to talk to you and meet you…sorry”. When I asked why, she said, “I don’t like your mine.”

I didn’t know there was something with my mines. I guess they’re obsolete or just too expensive. Or maybe it’s because they’re only available in neon colors so they’re not too easy to imbed.

Although I had a feeling we’d never see each other again, I wanted to hang out one more time before I decided whether or not to see her anymore. It’s upsetting that she made that decision first, but also relieving. Now I’ll just concentrate on learning Korean and be happy solo.