I decided not to cancel this date with 부니 that had been postponed from three weeks before just because I had a “girlfriend.”   Our meeting time was 2PM in 강남, but we were both late, meeting around 2:30. We wandered around for a place to eat: Curry House; I ordered level 4 spicy and 0 spicy for her (mine was barely hot).  She unveiled an English phrasebook and I brought out my index study cards and we spoke for a long while about our goals and desires for the future.

Next we went to Kyobo bookstore and browsed numerous books and music: her buying two English books and me buying two Korean books. She wanted to drink, and I had no objections, but it took forever to find a quiet and secluded bar, even after she called a friend.  An hour of intense deliberations about OUR future followed: dating or just friends. We agreed that we don’t want any games, honest with our intentions: me telling her about the girl I met in 홍대, her not liking the Korean name 메이 gave me, saying it was “old style.” 부니 said that I will be her prince (even though my horse is invisible [having to find that word in her English-Korean dictionary and her marking every word I used]) once we can communicate better–her English and my Korean much improved.

We hung out for 9 hours and have plans to hang out every weekend until the end of time. Next weekend we’ll go to a Palace, and the following weekend we’ll take a trip to a place in Korea that she hasn’t been yet (she has a car). Then we’ll go to Jeju Island in the future at some point, which is very exciting. I am very happy, grateful for Fate.