All day Friday I couldn’t think about anything but dancing, couldn’t concentrate on teaching at the kindergarten or the hagwon. Once in 홍대 I asked the staff at the piercing parlor for hip hop club recommendations and they said NB2. I got a Heineken, danced on the floor and inhaled the next two, deciding to leave before I got too drunk too soon.

Once outside I showed some random guy my Club Day bracelet and asked him where to go. He said, “You like Korean girls, right?” and I told him I had a girlfriend and just wanted to dance, and he said, “FF,” explaining that it was older and quiet. I didn’t like it at all, packed with foreigners and a decent live band, but I decided to have one beer before leaving. I asked the Korean girl on the stool beside me a question and she said she didn’t speak English, so we spoke Korean. (My 10 hours of study this week definitely paid off). She introduced me to her friend Emma, and a little while later she said they were going home. I downed my beer and went upstairs, ready for another club. Emma, holding a cake, smiled and said we should go somewhere together. Her friend said it was Emma’s birthday.

(It ended up that her friend was married and spoke good English and Emma didn’t speak English very well at all, that I had to pass some rudimentary Korean language test with her friend before I could talk to Emma. I told her friend that she was the trap and they laughed and said I was very smart ).

The wait at NB2 was 2 hours, so I suggested we go to a bar, and they wanted me to pay. (Passing the bar earlier in the night, my intuition told me I’d visit it later). They got apple martinis and I got a Heineken, Emma sitting across from her friend who was sitting next to me. She said she wanted something for her birthday and I tried to kiss her hand, but she told me not to touch her and showed me her phone-dictionary: “Boundary.”

One drink later she said she wanted a boyfriend who had money and was Christian. When I gave her my phone-dictionary: “Taosim,” she immediately called her phone and explained that my looks made up for it and that maybe I could be her boyfriend but showed me her phone-dictionary: “Popularity.”  She put her feet on my lap and I said I was a gentleman so I was asking permission to massage them, and she said ok., so I did. Then I sat beside her and massaged her back and her legs and she said that she wanted me to be her boyfriend and we made plans for a date the next Saturday with her Canadian friend as a translator and the third Saturday just her and I.

“Bryan, Korean study hard,” she said as she rest her head on my shoulders, repeating that and “Call me” so many times. We were very close afterward, going to a machine game gun, her attaching the white fluffy thing to my phone so I can remember her. She had trouble with hers and some nerdy Korean guy did it at the snack place, me telling them the girls were trouble and them not divulging what I said, thanks bros! She fed me the 떡볶이 and then had to take a taxi home and it was sad.

I wanted to go home but it wasn’t time yet so I met some random French guys visiting from China and accompanied them on a search for a bar with no cover, talking most to the one who knew French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese. I drank with them for a while: they were impressed when I danced with some Korean chick and bought her a bottle of water because she was thristy. I went back to NB2 alone and it was semi-packed at 5:30; my night was over anyway: I found a girlfriend, unexpectedly, a most excellent first Club Night. Same time next month? Most definitely!