Yesterday I went to 홍대 (Hong Dae) to scope out the area, my original plan to go clubbing this upcoming Friday for Club Night (which is still the plan). I arrived at  the 동서을 (East Seoul) bus terminal at 4, then a thirty minute subway ride to Hongik University. I wandered, went to Quiznos. A Westerner and his Korean girlfriend sat next to me, her saying, “Bryan, my Bryan.” Strange.

Every place I visited was empty when I arrived and packed when I left. The hamburger place, the stationary shop, the music store. I bought two deluxe editions: Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On and Let’s Get it On for 14 each–an incredible deal. One final task before I left: get my ear pierced. Information directed me to a place, and it cost 4 for everything. Returning to Info to show off the earring, the girl and I started flirting, her wit matching mine and the tension rising, then some stupid Westerner interrupted, crushing the mood.

Arrived at the Terminal at 9:43; last bus for Pocheon left at 9:40.  Stranded in Seoul I could find a place to sleep or go clubbing. Option B! I asked two gay guys nervously watching the crowd where to go, and they suggested M2 (House Music), adding that there was a hip hop club above it. “Real Hip Hop,” as the sign said.  I got lost following their directions and had to use my ever increasing Korean to ask for help; the women were very helpful.

Entry cost 25, and bag check an extra 2. It was 11:30, and an older Korean playboy encouraged me to start touching and dancing with random women. Practically every Westerner used that approach, but that’s not my style, and it was funny to watch the girls reject them. I got a highball with my drink ticket and it was the weakest drink I’ve ever had, so I only had juice for my six hour danceathon, having fun without alcohol. A while later a Korean girl and her friend started dancing near me, the girl extremely nervous, staring at me then whispering to her friend then staring at me. They spoke in English (for my benefit), her friend saying, “Later.”

Upon returning she was more nervous than before. Why? Her beauty was too stunning, probably the most gorgeous girl who’s ever shown interest. She fanned herself and said she was hot, her friend leaving first, and when she turned to me, her sumptious smile said, “Follow me,” something I didn’t realize right away (sometimes I can be such a fucking idiot). I don’t know how much time passed before I went looking, but it was 4 AM. She wore a sleaveless blouse unlike what every other girl was wearing, so I thought it wouldn’t be hard to find a girl with exposed shoulders. It was impossible. When the club thinned out at 5, I searched high and low. Twice. Alas, she was gone.