Went to my favorite place in Pocheon for dinner and drinks Friday, and these two girls start laughing, “Bryan?” I have absolutely no idea who they are, but they “helped” me that night I tried to fight those three random guys. I guess the guys surrounded me and I was screaming at them and enticing them to fight, but they escaped in a taxi, so I flipped them off.

They told me that each of them was pregnant, drinking and smoking because the babies wanted to, and that I was the father of the cutest girl’s baby. I sat with them for a little bit, just talking, the main one saying that I wasn’t her type because I wasn’t tall enough. Then they asked me to rate them according to beauty, which is a ridiculous question, but I complied nonetheless. The main girl was not pleased with my answers, and my drunken self decided to upset her. She actually started to cry after I hit off her NY Yankees hat, because she said she had a complex, as her hair was a wig from having leukemia.

Well, it seems I haven’t lost my touch…