A week late turning in the first draft of my graduate thesis—I finished, printed and sent it at Steph and Phil’s—the related stress instantly dissolved, but then the ever increasing stress of financing my return to Boulder to finish my graduate degree crept upon me.

Started the long process for teaching in Korea: passport application, recruiter application and interview, notary and MA State Consulate certification of police record and BA diploma copies; two trips to Boston because the Notary didn’t sign it properly—the first trip a certified adventure (helping some girl move into her Comm Ave apartment and her mother paying me $40 for 20 minutes of flirting and light lifting, meeting with an old professor, and The Missed Connection on the T), the second nothing special.

Decided to sell the vast CD collection I had spent years and countless thousands acquiring—material objects meant nothing to me after moving cross-country three times in a month. Dark times with drugs (I won’t say what), making me want to quit everything forever.

Nothing could diminish my hope, as I was offered a job in South Korea, where I knew I had to be…